January 17, 2019

** Missouri paramedic charged with burglary, attempting to steal meds from homes


** A Missouri paramedic from Moberly has been charged with burglary x 2, assault, stealing and possession of a controlled substance after allegedly burglarizing the homes of former patients last December. That is the word from the Associated Press (January 22) which said Richelle Grapes, 44, was taken into custody December 22. According to the news service, one patient’s daughter found Grapes inside the patient’s home while the elderly woman was in the hospital. Fox 22 (Elizabeth Dusenberg/January 22) said Grapes told the woman she was checking on a medical alert from the residence. Police, however, said no such help hail was issued. A further police search of Grapes’ apartment also found drugs belonging to another woman she had met during an EMS call. The medications included Phenergan and codine syrup.


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