July 16, 2024


National Occupational Competency Profiles


3.2 – Practice Safe Lifting and Moving Techniques
4.3.P – Conduct Bariatric Assessment and Interpret Findings
6.2.F – Provide Care to the Bariatric Patient

While the above makes specific reference to numbered competencies, the application of all eight areas of competency must be applied to and be considered in the service of the bariatric patient.

From professional responsibilities to assessment, from therapeutics to health promotion and public safety, bariatric EMS must be considered in all areas of care in order to provide the equal and timely access to healthcare dictated by the Canada Health Act.

United Kingdom
Standards of Proficiency: Paramedics

1 Be Able To Practice Safely and Effectively Within Their Scope of Practice
5 Be Aware of The Impact of Culture, Equality, and Diversity on Practice
6 Be Able To Practice in a Non-Discriminatory Manner
15.6 Understand and Be Able To Apply Appropriate Moving and Handling Techniques

The paramedic can not fulfill standards of proficiency without the knowledge of their application in regards to the bariatric patient.