October 15, 2021

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Friday, October 15, 2021

** Wisconsin paramedic set to go trial later this month for allegedly sexually assaulting a patient      


** A Wisconsin paramedic from Madison, charged with sexually assaulting a patient in May of 2019, will go to trial on Monday, October 25th. That is the word from WKOW (Evan Bolin/October 14) which said Timothy Ovadal will face the court on tags of second-degree sexual assault of an emergency patient and fourth degree sexual assault. According to the new site, Ovadal allegedly attacked the patient as she was being transported to hospital. Few other details are currently available. The trial will likely last about three days.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

** FDNY medics asked to repay money given in payroll mistake; amounts to hundreds, sometimes, thousands of dollars


** EMS medics in New York are being asked to repay money after a payroll mistake saw their ranks handed $3.5 million they didn’t earn. That is the word from the Staten Island Advance (October 13) which said the money, paid between March and August of this year, amounts to hundreds of dollars per person in over payment. In a few instances, the excess cash was around $10,000 above what should have been given. According to the news site, the error occurred when bonuses were arranged for 20 paramedics and officers volunteering with the Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division. For some reason, however, 3,590 employees were given raises. Staff have been told they can either repay the money in one shot or in small payments. EMS Officers Local Union 3621 president Vincent Variale, meanwhile, said most members wrongly assumed the extra money was due to a contract settlement.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

** Montreal paramedic in Quebec, convicted of sexually assaulting 2 female patients, awaiting sentence


** A former Montreal, Quebec Urgences-Sante paramedic could see himself behind bars for two years for sexually assaulting two patients, if the case’s prosecutor wins the day. That is the word from CTV News (Stephane Giroux/October 12) which said the potential sentence for Sylvain Depairon, 60, is being disputed by defence counsel who say three months is more appropriate. According to the news site Depairon pleaded guilty last year to the 2017 incidents. In one instance, he sexually touched a blind female patient who was medevac’d in for heart surgery. In the second case, he sexually touched a woman being transported for psychological problems. Depairon, who was suspended from his job after being arrested, has since been fired. The judge’s decision, meanwhile, is not expected for several weeks.

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