December 15, 2019

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Friday, December 13, 2019

** Charges pending against Texas man who stole ambulance from outside hospital


** Texas police in Laredo are expected to formally charge a man who took an ambulance from outside a hospital for a joyride Thursday. KGNS (December 13) said the man, who is currently under observation, apparently made off with the rig while medics were with a patient in the emergency room. According to the news site, police detained the man shortly after his getaway. Neither his identity nor the motive for his actions have been revealed. Police continue to investigate.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

** Firefighters in Waterloo, Ontario can now administer Narcan, epinephrine


** Ontario firefighters in Waterloo can now both carry and administer Narcan to drug overdose patients. The Record (Waterloo Chronicle/December 12) said the administration of naloxone will be done under a doctor’s licence. According to the newspaper, the move expands the medical scope of firefighters who already can give epinephrine for severe allergic reactions. City Mayor Dave Jaworsky said patients can now get potentially life saving treatment faster while waiting for paramedics to arrive on-scene.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

** New York man charged after severely assaulting EMT


** A Bronx, New York man will appear in court later this month after being indicted on charges he seriously assaulted a young EMT trying to help him October 18th. NBC New York (December 5) said Thomas Wright, 32, has been tagged with first degree assault in relation to the attack on Fire Department of New York EMT Nicholas Cody, 20. According to the newspaper, Wright bit Cody on the shoulder, hit him in the chest, and body slammed him into a metal door. As a result of the incident, Cody suffered nerve damage to his shoulder. Along with the above mentioned tag, Wright also faces several other assault accusations. There is no word on the motive for the attack nor on whether or not Cody has returned to work.

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