March 25, 2019


Friday, March 22, 2019

** BC paramedics in Kelowna hopping to attend overdose calls


** BC paramedics in Kelowna are apparently being kept hopping attending to overdose calls. That is the word from the Penticton Western News (March 22) which said so far this year, practitioners have done 167 such help hails. In January alone, the figure was 78, up some 24 from the previous year’s 54. February also saw 68 calls which was only up five from 2018. Expected overdose calls for March could reach upwards of 63. No reason was given for the spikes, however, the apparent increase in the use of narcotics is also spilling over into the area of organ donation. According to the newspaper, 2018 donors testing positive for fentanyl rose 26 per cent over stats from the previous 12 months.

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Vancouver, BC – Ambulance paramedics having chronic staffing issues, says CUPE 873 president

Regina, Saskatchewan – 2019 budget: New $3K tax credit for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical crews

Oxford, Nova Scotia – Paramedic crisis hits Cumberland County

Anderson, Indiana – Man jumps from ambulance to flee police custody

Huntington Beach, California – US Supreme Court won’t review ambulance company’s lawsuit against 12 OC cities, letting rulings rejecting it stand

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Paramedic finishes marathon one year after being shot in the head twice

Ilkeston, UK – Dedicated paramedic receives national award for going above and beyond

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