January 17, 2019

** South Australian medic charged in crash that killed bariatric patient


** South Australian police in Elizabeth have charged a paramedic with causing death by dangerous driving after a bariatric ambulance he was in overturned and killed the patient in August of 2016. That is the word from News.com.au (Megan Dillon/January 31) which said Matthew James McLean, 40, appeared in court Wednesday surrounded by 20 uniformed colleagues. According to the newspaper, McLean was behind the wheel of the EMS around 2: 48 a.m. inbound for Adelaide when the mishap occurred. Patient Karen Biddell died in the crash, while her 16-year-old daughter suffered minor injuries. SA Ambulance Service head Jason Killens said McLean was in the eighth hour of a night shift when the EMS unit crashed, but said working hours and breaks were not factors in the accident. The case returns to court in April.


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