February 21, 2019

** Welsh youth, who was arrested for plotting attack on Justin Bieber concert, also planned to take out first responders

** Texas paramedic still in hospital recovering after being hit by drunk driver at MVA scene in August


** Welsh police in Cardiff say a 17-year-old suspect arrested in June planned to bomb a Justin Bieber concert and take out responding paramedics as well. That is the word from Wales Online (Tom Tracey/November 15) which said police foiled the plan two days before the June 30th Principality Stadium performance. According to the newspaper, police raided and searched the boys’ parents’ residence where he resided. They found a handwritten note intended to be read after his supposed martyrdom. The note’s contents spoke of his allegiance to the Islamic State. It also contained a list of things to do during and after the attack. Among these items was attacking non-Muslim first responders and running down other people with his car. Fingerprint and handwriting analysis of the note matched the boy. In addition to the note, the boy had a video of the Nice truck attacker on his phone. He also had a hammer and a knife in his school bag.The youth, who is currently on trial, has denied all terror related charges.


** A Waco, Texas paramedic continues to recover in hospital, three months after being struck by a drunk driver at an MVA scene. KWTX (November 16) said East Texas Medical Center practitioner Rory Barrios, 31, is currently in the Temple Critical Care Unit. Since the August 19th crash, he has undergone more than 15 surgeries and is still unable to walk. According to the newspaper, Barrios still has a lengthy recovery ahead. As a result of the accident, he sustained several fractures, widespread leg burns, and other injuries. His left leg, which was most seriously affected, is now covered in skin grafts.


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