March 26, 2019

** Former Scottish Ambulance Service medic given slap on the wrist for stalking, terrorizing two ex-girlfriends


** A former Scottish Ambulance Service medic from Glasgow will not be going to jail despite stalking and threatening two former girlfriends. That is the word from The Mirror (Sally Hind/June 20) which said Eddie McGarrell avoided incarceration by claiming his actions were motivated by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the newspaper, McGarrell, 53, was given 300 hours of unpaid community work as a sentence. Victim Pauline Spy said the sentence was a joke, given that McGarrell terrorized two different families with his actions. Spy said he posed as a gangster known as the Big Bad Wolf, sending her threatening text messages in 2014-15. He vandalized her car and warned of an impending attack on her. McGarrell, meanwhile, pretended sympathy for Spy, saying the texts were likely from criminals targeting her business. McGarrell has a history of violence with previous paramours. In 1995, he assaulted a nurse, while in 2012 he kicked the same woman and her daughter. He was fired from his EMS job in 2004 for allegedly attacking a bystander.


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