October 22, 2018

** Pervert paramedic in the UK sentenced to 11 years behind bars

** Queensland opposition party in Australia seeking minimum mandatory sentences for those who assault or obstruct paramedics


** A Bedford ambulance medic has been sentenced to 11 years in jail for grooming an 11-year-old girl for his own sexual gratification. That is the word from ITV News (May 26) which said Alistair Hodge, 28, used social media sites to have the girl perform explicit acts on camera. According to the news station, Hodge also recorded the girl. Court heard that he had not actually met the child in person but was making plans to do so by the time of his arrest.


** Queensland’s opposition party is attempting to curry favour with EMS by saying a successful election win would see the Liberal National Party (LNP) stiffen penalties for those who assault paramedics. That is the word from the Townsville Bulletin (Lucy Smith/May 25) which quoted LNP Leader Tim Nicholls as saying such attacks would result in a minimum seven days in the clink. According to the newspaper, there are no specific penalties related to EMS assaults right now. Nicholls said under his government the proposed legislation would be put into place to restore respect for emergency responders. He said attacks on prehospital workers jumped 30 per cent during an 18 month period starting from March 2015. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 176 attacks. Nicholls’ approach would penalize not just attacks, but those who obstruct EMS personnel from doing their jobs. Several other states already have such provisions for serious assaults on emergency personnel. In Victoria, the penalty is six months in jail, while in Western Australia it is 3 months and in Tasmania it is six months.


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