February 19, 2019

** German police say ambulances being sent illegally to Syria to aid terrorists

** UK man, sentenced to 4 months in jail for attacking paramedic, has term suspended on appeal


** Western Germany federal prosecutors say terrorist sympathizers have been illegally sending ambulances, medical supplies, and food to Nusra Front fighters in Syria. That is the word from the Associated Press (February 8) which said the group, now called Fatah al-Sham Front, have been undertaking such EMS aid convoys for years. According to the news service, two individuals in particular are now under investigation. Raids on several apartment buildings took place Wednesday for evidence gathering. Searches have also been done in Britain. The Front is affiliated with al Qaeda.


** A Newtonabbey man, sentenced to four months is jail for biting a paramedic’s arm, has had his term suspended for two years. That is the word from The Coleraine Times (February 8) which said Gary Boyd, 31, successfully appealed the matter Monday. According to the newspaper, a drunken Boyd not only bit the provider trying to help him, but also smacked him in the back of the head in the July 3, 2016 incident. He also twisted the paramedic’s arm behind his back. Boyd, who has a history of substance abuse, was previously jailed for assaulting his girlfriend in 2012. His latest escapade violated his release terms in the latter case. It is not known why Boyd’s sentence was downgraded.



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