March 26, 2019

** Pennsylvania EMT accused of sexually assaulting male special needs patients

** UK man sentenced to 4 months in jail for attacking paramedic trying to help him


** A Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania EMT has been charged with sexually touching and assaulting male, special needs patients. That is the word from PoconoNews.Net (January 28) which said Suburban Ambulance medic Matthew Menist, 31, has been tagged with numerous charges. Among the infractions are unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of a minor. The latter felonies are accompanied by several misdemeanor counts. According to the newspaper, the alleged crimes occurred while Menist was transporting the victims to hospital. All were older juveniles or adults. Police say Menist turned off the lights in the EMS unit’s rear cab, touching and sexually assaulting the victims while explaining that he was conducting a medical exam. The incidents occurred between July 2016 to January 2017. Police continue to investigate.


** A Newtonabbey man, who attacked a paramedic attempting to treat him, will spend the next four months behind bars. That is the word from The Belfast Telegraph (Nevin Farrell/January 28) which said Gary Boyd, 31, who was drunk at the time of the July 3, 2016 incident, admitted guilt in the attack. According to the newspaper, Boyd had hailed EMS to treat a head injury after falling from a stationary car. While en route to the hospital, he became aggressive, at one point attempting to climb into the EMS unit’s front cab. When the attending paramedic tried to treat him, Boyd grabbed the man’s arm and forced it up the rear of his back. He then bit him and punched him in the head. The paramedic did receive treatment for his injuries, though these have not been specified. Although Boyd’s lawyer said his client suffered from anxiety and depression, court heard he did have a previous violent history. In 2012, he was sentenced for wounding his girlfriend after taking two knives to her apartment. He was sentenced to five years, but served only half. His latest run-in violates the terms of that release.


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