May 24, 2024

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Lower Mainland, BC – Ambulance service had almost 100 calls in queue waiting for assigned units

St. John’s, Newfoundland – Strike looking for paramedics in rural Newfoundland as last chance talks break down

Calgary, AB – Alberta to contract out some ambulance rides, but few details available

West Allis, Wisconsin – No Surpises Act; protections gap exposed by ambulance bill

Washington, D.C. – National EMT shortage threatens patient care

London, UK – British nurses and paramedics plan more strikes in 2023

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Windsor, Ontario – Paramedic honoured for compassionate and empathetic actions involving a distraught person with a knife

Paint Lake, Manitoba – Ambulance engulfed in flames

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Man stabs paramedic with syringe

Pikeville, Kentucky – Lack of EMTs causing concern in eastern part of state

London, UK – Military has just 40 paramedics who could work at the NHS ahead of strikes

Western Cape, South Africa – Western Cape EMS on high alert amid heavy rains

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Victoria, BC – Woman arrested after trying to stop paramedics from treating patient

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – EMS piloting Blue Tape program to prevent calls to same incident

Dayton, Ohio Possible overdose victim collides with ambulance

Augusta, Maine – EMS at breaking point, commission says in final report

Memphis, Tennessee – Ambulance stolen from hospital

Cornwall, UK – Long serving Cornwall paramedic struck off after drink drive arrest

Pretoria, South Africa – South Africa is extremely short on ambulances and paramedics

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