October 15, 2021

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Saanichton, BC – After 15-minute wait for an ambulance, she called a cab to get to hospital

Victoria, BC – Ambulance service boost plan not working: union

Calgary, Alberta – Cities file complaint with Alberta ombudsman over consolidated ambulance dispatch

Jeannette, Pennsylvania – COVID death of veteran EMS paramedic declared to be in line of duty

Raleigh, North Carolina – Group of first responders, city employees hire attorney to fight vaccine mandate

Wales, UK – Soldiers cannot keep rescuing ambulances, Welsh Secretary warns

Canberra, Australia – New coin honours ambulance services

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St. John’s, Newfoundland – NAPE pleased with first step taken to address issues facing Metro paramedics

Chicago, Illinois – Woman stole ambulance from hospital, hit bicyclist and car: cops

Denver, Colorado – Vaccine mandate ousts dozens of first responders who won’t comply

Montgomery, Alabama – 4-month-old boy killed in crash with ambulance

East of England, UK – Crisis in ambulance service

Queensland, Australia – Male nurse killed in ambulance crash was a new grandfather preparing for retirement

Queensland, Australia – Detectives probe fatal ambulance crash

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Montreal, Quebec – Paramedics light years away from proper deal on compensation: union

Spokane, Washington – City drops requirement for paramedics to ride with patients in AMR ambulances

Chicago, Illinois – Watchdog report finds fire department still has problems measuring response to emergency calls

Scotland, UK – Lib Dems call for inquiry into ambulance crisis deaths

East of England, UK – Winter warning from ambulance services

Queensland, Australia – Frontline workers challenging COVID-19 vaccine mandate granted extension of stay

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