January 31, 2023

Review Category : Other News


Halifax, Nova Scotia – Province legislates binding arbitration for paramedics/EMC
York Region, Ontario – Paramedics face out of the box scenario
Ottawa County, Michigan – Police end major searches for drowned EMT;no body recovered
Huntington, Ohio – EMS employee cited in car wreck
Madison, Wisconsin – New mini-ambulance makes off road, event rescues faster
Essex, UK – Ambulance bosses out
Stevenage, UK – Mother’s agonizing 50 minute ambulance wait for ambulance for 2-year-old
Gaya, India – Ambulance with wailing sirens carries liquor
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Friday, July 5, 2013

West, Texas – EMS struggles to recover in blast’s aftermath
Grand Haven, Michigan – Search continues for missing paramedic
New York, New York – Cuomo signs into law EMT recertification extension
Delta Township, Michigan – Paramedics/firefighters learn martial arts to protect themselves …. from people
Allentown, Pennsylvania – Man who grabbed paramedics gets fine
Charlotte, North Carolina – State investigators look into allegations against EMTs
East of England, UK – Ambulance bosses shamed into quitting by Commons attack
Cape Town, South Africa – EMS workers being targeted
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