October 25, 2020

** Indiana EMT headed to jail after conviction on child sex charges


** A former Indiana EMT from Russiaville will be cooling his heals for the next few years in jail after being convicted Thursday of having sex with a minor. The Kokomo Tribune (James D. Wolf Jr./September 25) said Chad Bowlby, 46, was handed a 12 year sentence after pleading guilty on August 13th to felony sexual misconduct with a minor x 10. Six years will be served while incarcerated, while the remaining six could be served under house detention. According to the newspaper, the crimes against the 14-year-old took place between August and December 2018. Court heard Bowlby gained access to the girl because he was a family friend and she had expressed interest in a paramedic career. In 2018, he was named Paramedic of the Year by the Indiana EMS Association.


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