October 19, 2019

** Wisconsin paramedic gets probation for showing up at EMS course armed and drunk


** A Wisconsin paramedic from Elm Grove has been handed probation after attending an EMS training session drunk and armed March 11th. That is the word from the Journal Sentinel (Karen Pilarski/July 9) which said Jeffrey R. Munson, 58, pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of a firearm while intoxicated. According to the newspaper, police arrested Munson after being called for a report of a stolen vehicle. Once on-scene, officers noted Munson was drunk. He told them he discovered his silver truck was stolen after leaving the training class to pick up some pens at home. A colleague, who confirmed Munson had been at the session, said he drove a dark BMW. Police found the car in the parking lot. Following a search, police found Munson to be carrying a 9-mm Walther semi-automatic pistol. Along with an order to abstain from alcohol, his probation also requires him to attend counseling as mandated. He additionally must surrender his gun until his probation is complete after a minimum of six months.


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