August 24, 2019

** Indiana firefighter facing discipline for harassing female medics


** An Indiana firefighter from Franklin is facing disciplinary measures,after allegedly harassing female paramedics. That is the word from The Daily Journal (Michele Holkamp/May 14) which said Lt. Dennis Bordenkecher, who has been with his fire department for 21 years, also stands accused of declining to provide directions for a call to a fellow firefighter who complained about him. The patient on that call later died. According to the newspaper, Boredenkecher has been charged with neglect of duty, neglect or disobedience of order, conduct unbecoming a firefighter and conduct injurious to the public peace or welfare. If found guilty on the tags, he could be demoted permanently and face other penalties. The hearing into the matter is set for this summer. Details regarding his alleged harassment of female medics included impeding their use of the washroom and accusing one of them of having an alcohol/drug problem. Although placed on limited administrative leave when the allegations first surfaced, Bordenkecher is now back at work.


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