March 26, 2019

** Pennsylvania paramedic killed in shooting accident

** FDNY EMT charged after allegedly sexually abusing female patient


** April 23rd has been set as the next court date for a Pennsylvania man accused of accidentally shooting and killing his paramedic friend while the duo horsed around March 31st. That is the word from The Patch (Kara Seymour/April 9) which said Daniel Brymer, 21, from Newtown has been charged with aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter in the death of EMS practitioner Daniel J. Smith, 31. According to the newspaper, the pair were helping another friend move out of an apartment when they began joking around with an airsoft gun as they packed belongings. Smith shot Brymer first with the airsoft before handing the weapon over to him. Brymer then put the airsoft beside a 9mm handgun he had in his pocket. When another bout of horseplay broke out, Brymer inadvertently grabbed the 9mm and fired on Smith. Smith died later in hospital. Smith worked full time for the Plymouth Ambulance Association. Funeral services for him were held Saturday.

** An FDNY EMT has been charged with criminal sex act, sex abuse, and forcible touching after allegedly abusing a female patient in his care Saturday. That is the word from ABC7 New York (April 9) which said Karel Delgado, 36, was taken into custody Monday. According to the news service, Delgado apparently attacked a female pneumonia patient by pulling down her pants and touching her. He is then accused of exposing himself to the woman while continuing the assault. The woman reported Delgado once she arrived at the hospital. During the investigation, he has been suspended without pay from his job.


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