March 26, 2019

** New York judge orders EMT held on $500,000 bond in matter of rape of 10-year-old girl


** A New York City judge has ordered a Fire Department of New York (FDNY) EMT held on a $500,000 bond or a $400,000 cash bail in a case involving the rape of a 10-year-old girl. That is the word from Fox 61 (Bobby Martinez/April 4) which said Franz Petion, 25, appeared in court Monday. Petion allegedly abused the girl as she slept in the attic of her family’s home during a birthday party. Court heard prosecutors allege Petion locked the door to the child’s room. However, Petion said he happened upon the girl while looking for a bathroom. He said she was crying and already half clothed at the time. Petion’s lawyer also said that the girl might have been confused as to who attacked her, given the number of people in the house at the time.


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