March 26, 2019

** Connecticut EMT charged with weapons offences, impersonating a police officer


** A Connecticut EMT from Easton has been charged with weapons offences, after allegedly stealing a gun and impersonating a cop. That is the word from Fox61 (Tony Terzi/April 5) which said Christopher Barlow, 21, appeared before a judge Thursday to face five separate tags. Along with stealing a firearm x 2, Barlow has been charged with voyeurism x 2 and taking unauthorized photos of an accident scene. According to the news site, Barlow’s attempt to pass himself off as a cop was accompanied by a similar ruse involving both a US Coast Guard identity and one from Homeland Security. Police said Barlow’s activities were discovered while he worked as a volunteer EMT in Easton between 2015 and 2017. A search of both his Duxbury home and Easton EMS headquarters turned up a white power that may have been explosive in nature. Guns, badges, drugs, and EMT memorabilia were also found, as were some 23,000 pictures of female patients. Barlow’s previous arrest record includes entries for domestic violence, assault and battery, as well as for a high school bomb hoax. His next court date is in Bridgeport on April 19th.


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