March 26, 2019

** Former UK paramedic caught with child porn images escapes jail sentence


** A former Hartlepool paramedic has escaped a prison sentence, despite being found with hundreds of child porn pictures on his computer. That is the word from The Northern Echo (Neil Hunter/March 21) which said Jeffrey Causton will have to undergo a mandatory 35 day treatment for his porn addiction instead. According to the newspaper, Causton was given a lighter slap due to his exemplary conduct while working EMS. In one instance, he is credited with saving the life of an airline passenger. Causton, who is married with a daughter, had 450 explicit images of children on his mobile devices. Some of those depicted were under the age of 6. In court, Causton admitted making 3 indecent images on May 11, 2017. His ten month sentence was suspended for 2 years. He also has to pay 340 pounds in court costs, register as a sex offender for 10 years, and use the Internet under restriction for five years.


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