April 22, 2019

** Jail term pending for impaired on-duty Kentucky paramedic who struck and killed 14-year-old

** Florida paramedic suspended, charged, after firing weapon, hitting bystander


** Sentencing is pending for a Kentucky paramedic from Knox County whose impaired driving stunt behind the wheel of an ambulance cost a 14-year-old boy his life. WYMT (November 30) said Kevin French pleaded guilty Thursday to second degree wanton endangerment. According to the news service, prosecutors have recommended 12 months behind bars with a further 2 years of probation. French struck and killed Sampson Callender and two friends in August 2014 while they were riding their bikes in the median of US 25E around 10 p.m. Callender died at the scene, while his two friends were transported to hospital. Both have since recovered.

** A Florida paramedic from Boca Raton has been suspended without pay after allegedly firing a gun at a man last Sunday. That is the word from WPTV (Jennifer Tintner/November 28) which said Daniel Strong, who is also a firefighter, has been charged with discharging a firearm in public, culpable negligence, and unlawful possession of a prescription drug. According to the news site, Strong told police he discharged the weapon accidentally at an area marina after nearly dropping it while walking towards a car. He then fled the scene and was apprehended a short time later. The injured man, meanwhile, said the bullet grazed his chest. He was otherwise uninjured. Following his arrest, Strong was released on an $8,000 bond. There is no word on his next court date.


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