February 19, 2019

** UK paramedics to get nerve gas antidote kits amidst fears of potential chemical weapons attack

** Ohio man charged after attacking EMTs


** Front line medics in the UK will apparently be carrying nerve gas antidote kits to deal with the potential aftermath of a feared chemical weapons attack. That is the word from The Sun (Amanda Devlin/August 26) which said the auto-injector devices will be issued to thousands of paramedics. Training will also be given on how to deal with the effects of Sarin gas or VX, the latter of which is ten times more deadly than Sarin. Among the symptoms the nerve agents can induce are feeling giddy or nauseated, uncontrollable convulsions, and death within minutes. The kits are expected to be in medics’ hands by the close of the year.


** Ohio police in Warren charged an area man with two counts of felonious assault Friday after he attacked two EMTs transporting him to hospital the day before. WFMG (Mike Gautner/August 25) said Charles Hayes, 26, was taken into custody after fleeing the ambulance following the attack. According to the news site, medics were taking Hayes to Heartland Behavioral Hospital when he hauled off and punched them in the head and face. The practitioners were later treated and released from hospital after suffering bruising.


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