February 19, 2019

** Gunman fires on New Jersey first responders treating gunshot wound victim

** Philadelphia paramedic captain charged with insurance fraud


** New Jersey police in Atlantic City have appealed to the public for information on a July 11th incident that saw first responders fired on while they were attending a patient. That is the word from NJ Advance Media (Jeff Goldman/July 19) which said authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for pertinent facts that lead to the suspect’s arrest and conviction. According to the news site, the shooter opened up on medics as they were treating a gunshot wound victim. The patient, however, was hurt around a block away from where he received EMS treatment.

** A paramedic captain in Philadelphia has been charged with insurance fraud after allegedly wrongly reporting her SUV stolen and then filing an $18,500 claim. The Inquirer (July 18) said Yolanda Stallings, 43, was arrested June 27th and tagged with forgery, theft by deception, and other insurance related offences. According to the newspaper, investigators looking into Staling’s claim later found the vehicle in Washington D.C. The car had been completely burned. Stallings became the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Executive Chief of Strategic Services in 2014. She then became a paramedic captain after a staff reorganization. The case will be heard before the Common Pleas Court. There is no word on her current employment status.


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