March 26, 2019

** US Army combat medic from Hawaii convicted for sexually abusing child; still awaiting trial for allegedly murdering wife

** Oklahoma EMT murdered by her father: police


** A US combat medic stationed in Hawaii, already facing charges for murdering his wife, has been convicted in a separate incident for sexually abusing a child. That is the word from the Stars and Stripes (Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/Audrey McAvoy/July 6) which said Pvt. Michael Walker was found guilty via court martial last week. According to the newspaper, Walker has been sentenced to ten years in prison on the tag. He was also convicted on assault by battery and communicating a threat. The court heard the crimes took place in 2014. Walker’s legal odyssey now also includes a conviction for child porn. Jury selection for his murder trial begins August 8th. He stands accused in that case of colluding with his female lover in the stabbing death of his wife Catherine in November 2014.

** The father of an Oklahoma EMT from Norman has been arrested for shooting her to death. Crime Online (Leigh Egan/July 7) said Ronnie McMullen, 43, was taken into custody Wednesday for killing his only child Kailee Jo McMullen, 22, on June 29th. According to the newspaper, Ronnie initially told police the death of his daughter was a suicide. Kailee died around 5:29 a.m. from a gunshot wound to the head. At the time of her death, Kailee worked EMS at Norman Regional EMSSTAT. Police have so far remained mum on the evidence they gathered that led to Ronnie’s arrest. There is also no word on any upcoming court dates or the possible motive for the murder.


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