January 17, 2019

** Delaware man arrested, charged after kicking EMT in chest

** UK paramedic to stay on job, despite lewd behaviour towards female colleagues


** A Delaware man from Harrington has been charged with offensive touching of an EMT after he allegedly kicked a practitioner in the chest Monday. That is the word from Delaware 105.9 FM (May 15) which said Jeremy J. Jensen, 37, was also charged with resisting arrest. According to the newspaper, EMS was hailed to Jensen’s residence for a potential overdose and a psychiatric emergency. Already agitated, be became violent once en route to hospital. Following more definitive treatment, Jensen was arrested and taken to the police department for processing. He has already been arraigned and remains in jail pending the posting of a $1,000 bond. There is no word on his next court date or whether or not the EMS provider was injured.


** A Merseyside paramedic will remain on the job, despite being deemed guilty of misconduct for groping a nurse’s breast. The Daily Mail (Mark Duell/May 15) quoted the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) panel as saying despite the infractions, David Davies was still fit to practice. The decision comes after a slew of allegations against him involving inappropriate remarks about the anatomy of female colleagues. It also comes after a 2012 incident in which Davies failed to recognize a chest pains patient was having a heart attack. An HCPTS spokesman said Davies has since admitted his actions towards his co-workers were wrong. While copping to most of the allegations, he was steadfast in denying one. In that instance, a nurse charged that Davies made lewd remarks to her about oral sex. The panel subsequently cleared him of wrongdoing in the latter matter.


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