July 23, 2018

** Spanish medics on trial for allegedly raping drunken female patient


** A pair of Barcelona paramedics are now standing trial on charges they raped a female patient in their care. That is the word from The Express (Jon Rogers/November 30) which said the August 2015 incident allegedly played out around 1 a.m. after medics were hailed to treat an inebriated woman at a city train station. According to the newspaper, the woman was supposed to be transported to the Sagrat Cor hospital in the northern part of the city. However, the prosecutor told the court the EMS unit never arrived at the locale because the vehicle stopped to allow the medics to sexually assault the patient. When the semi-conscious woman revived after the attack, she was taken home around 2:30 a.m. after signing a voluntary discharge form. GPS data indicates the rig stopped for 15 minutes about 100 metres from the hospital. Both medics have denied the accusations. If convicted, the prosecutor is seeking seven year prison terms for each of the men, along with 6 years probation.


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