July 15, 2018

** French backpacker sentenced in September assault on Australian paramedic

** Louisiana man arrested for attacking medic in ambulance


** A September 28th attack on a paramedic outside a Cairns hostel has netted a French backpacker a mere 2 months in jail. That is the word from 7 News (November 21) which said Timothee Leon Laurent Rousselle, 21, admitted attacking the female paramedic as she attempted to render care to him. According to the news site, Rousselle punched the woman in the face and dragged her from the side of the EMS unit as she attempted to take refuge in the ambulance. Rousselle, who was believed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time, was eventually restrained by the male practitioner and some bystanders. Rousselle said he could not remember the incident. The female paramedic, however, said the attack has had lasting effects on her life. She said she now suffers from insomnia, anxiety and fatigue as a result. The original sentence given was six months in jail, suspended after Rousselle serves two months.


** A Baton Rouge, Louisiana man was arrested Saturday after attacking paramedics and threatening to kill them while receiving medical treatment in the ambulance. The Washington Times (Associated Press/November 21) said Micah West, 32, has been tagged with battery of emergency personnel after the incident at the LSU campus. According to the news service, EMS was hailed after West was found wandering in traffic while intoxicated. While strapped to a stretcher en route to hospital, he unbuckled the restraints and then grabbed and menaced the attending medic. When the ambulance pulled over to hail police, he allegedly kicked the driver. Once police arrived, he was handcuffed and taken into custody. There is no word on his first court date. No one was injured in the fracas.


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