July 23, 2018

** 2 female South African paramedics robbed at knife point at tourist spot

** Idaho man gets jail time after conviction for shoot-out with paramedic


** A pair of female South African paramedics with ER24 narrowly escaped injury Tuesday after being robbed at knife point at a popular tourist spot. The Times Live (October 18) said the 9:50 a.m. heist at Howick Falls played out with a man threatening to do serious injury to the women if they didn’t turn over their cell phones and all of their cash. According to the newspaper, the man forced the duo, aged 35 and 27, to remove their phone SIM cards before taking possession of the Samsung mobiles. Following the robbery, police dispatched both dog units and patrol officers to the site. The medics, meanwhile, who were physically unharmed, are receiving trauma counseling at a nearby clinic.


** An Idaho man will serve between one and fifteen years in prison after firing on paramedics sent to help him following a car crash into a gas line last December 15th. KSL (October 17) said Cade Austin, 31, was handed the sentence Monday under a plea deal. According to the news site, the agreement saw Austin plead guilty to felony attempted murder x 2 and aggravated assault x 2. In exchange, misdemeanor driving and alcohol charges were dropped. Austin’s current troubles began after he lost control of his vehicle while driving on US 91, sending it careering into a natural gas line. Once EMS arrived on scene, he both brandished and fired his weapon. One of the responding medics, who was also armed, fired back, hitting Austin several times. Austin, who had been drinking alcohol, later surrendered after a standoff with SWAT police.


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