August 8, 2022

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

** Ohio air ambulance crashes en route to MVA


** An Ohio air ambulance crashed early Tuesday in Butler County while responding to an MVA. That is the word from WlWT (July 27) which said the 4:08 a.m. incident in Milford Township played out with the CareFlight chopper hitting some wires before going down. According to the news site, none of three crew members was injured in the incident, but were treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Although two were released readily, the third is being held for observation. The chopper was originally responding to an accident in which a 69-year-old driver was ejected from her truck after being hit by a GMC Sierra. The woman died at the scene, while a 43-year-old passenger sustained serious injuries.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

** South Carolina medic killed in Ukraine’s Donbas Region


** A South Carolina medic from Myrtle Beach has been identified as one of the Americans killed July 18th in Ukraine’s Donbas region. The Post and Courier (Hannah Schoenbaum/AP/July 25) said Luke Lucyszyn, 31, perished during an artillery strike that initially knocked him unconscious. He was then shot and killed by a Russian tank. According to the news site, Lucyszyn went to the Ukraine in early April after feeling an affinity for his grandmother’s homeland. At the time of his death, he was acting as relief for a man who was on emergency leave to see his family. Lucyszyn’s US friend Trey Kober said two weeks before he died the former sent a goodbye message after being deployed to the heavily contested area. There is no word on when or if his body may be returned to the US or on potential funeral services.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

** UK ambulance donated to Ukraine destroyed in missile attack


** A former West Midlands ambulance donated to the Ukrainian war effort has been destroyed in a missile attack in Slvyansk. That is the word from the BBC (July 23) which said the EMS unit was parked at the time the projectile hit.  According to the news service, a spokesman for the charity said no one was killed in the attack. However, a person inside the vehicle who escaped the explosion did sustain a concussion. The rig was given through Ambulance Aid which has so far sent five ambulances and one SUV to the war torn country. Medical Aid Ukraine West Midlands, meanwhile, provided the vehicle’s medical supplies.

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