October 25, 2020

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

** Michigan woman, who was mistakenly declared dead by paramedics in August, dies from brain damage


** A Michigan woman from Detroit, who was declared dead by paramedics two months ago while still alive, has now died. That is the word from Fox 17 (October 19) which said Timesha Beauchamp, 20, died Sunday from brain damage. According to the newspaper, Beauchamp suffered from cerebral palsy as well as other medical problems. After medics arrived at her home in August to treat the unresponsive Beauchamp, they unsuccessfully attempted resuscitation before calling her. The body was then released to a funeral home where she woke up several hours later. Beauchamp was immediately transported to hospital where she remained until her death. A $50 million lawsuit against paramedic has now been filed.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

** Wisconsin man arrested, charged after brandishing knife, spitting on paramedics


** A Wisconsin man from Madison is facing several different felony charges after pulling a knife on first responders and then spitting on them Saturday. That is the word from the Wisconsin State Journal (Elizabeth Beyer/October 18) which said the evening incident, which took place in Warner Park, played out after EMS was called to a man overdosing on drugs. According to the newspaper, once the man was loaded into the EMS unit, he brandished a pocketknife before being subdued. He then let loose with his spittle. Police spokesman Lt. Kipp Hartman said he was arrested and charged shortly afterwards. There is no word on the specific charges or on his next court date. No one was injured in the fracas.

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Friday, October 16, 2020

** UK medic stabbed on call returns to work


** A West Midlands Ambulance Service medic, stabbed three months ago while doing a welfare check on a Wolverhampton man, has now returned to work. The BBC (October 16) said Deena Evans, who sustained both a chest wound and nerve damage in the July 6th attack, is back in her Willenhall ambulance despite still undergoing treatment for her injuries. According to the news site, Evans said the public has been overwhelmingly supportive of her since the assault. There is no information on whether her partner that night, Michael Hipgrave, has also resumed his duties. The attacker, meanwhile, will likely stand trial in May of 2021. Martyn Smith, 52, has pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent x 2.

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