November 19, 2018



Waterloo Region, Ontario – Region donates ambulance to Central America

Tampa, Florida – Father dies after ambulance breaks down, takes one hour to get to hospital

Wales, UK – Teenager drove around village in fake ambulance

London, UK – Thief steals iPads and paramedic’s bag from ambulance while crew deals with critical emergency

Tasmania, Australia – Number of vacant paramedic jobs unknown

Christchurch, New Zealand – Extremely high demand caused three hour wait for ambulance for elderly woman who fell

Johannesburg, South Africa – Man killed by ambulance

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

** Four female paramedics from Sudbury, Ontario commended for rescuing woman from fire


** Four female Ontario paramedics from Sudbury are receiving kudos for rescuing a woman from a burning apartment building November 2nd. (Darren MacDonald/November 9) said the medics happened upon the lit-up structure while returning from a call in the Minnow Lake neighborhood in late afternoon. According to the news site, when one of the medics approached the building, she heard a woman scream from a first floor apartment which was completely engulfed. Encouraging the woman to open her window, three of the medics yanked off the window’s screen and pulled her to safety. The fourth practitioner remained with their patient in the ambulance. In addition to the woman, the paramedics also helped rescue several pets. Fire officials said the cause of the blaze, which resulted in $300,000 in damage, was a candle.

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Seattle, Washington – City prepares contingency plan in the event of an ambulance strike

Detroit, Michigan – Police, EMS, civilian hospitalized after collision

Chicago, Illinois – Paramedics reviving opioid overdose victims in record numbers

Lincolnshire, UK – Postman is forced to wait five hours for an ambulance after slipping and cracking his ribs

Wales, UK – Mum of stillborn baby who nearly bled to death waiting for an ambulance still waiting for answers

Devon, UK – Self-defence lessons for paramedics because police failing to respond

Tasmania, Australia – Rural and regional paramedic recruitment drive over the next six years

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