October 15, 2021

** BC paramedics union supports COVID vaccinations


** Despite numerous EMS unions across the continent objecting to COVID vaccine mandates, the body representing BC paramedics says it is for the move. That is the word from CFJC Today (Adam Connelly/September 17) which said the Ambulance Paramedics and Dispatchers of BC (APDBC) is supportive but awaiting more information on the dictate. According to the news site, some 90 per cent of paramedics have already gotten the shot. APDBC spokesman Troy Clifford said dicey staffing numbers make it difficult to lose any front line medics, though it is easier on the system if the practitioner is sidelined for personal reasons and not because they are infected with COVID or have infected a patient. All BC healthcare workers must be vaccinated by October 26th


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