July 26, 2021

** Detroit medic in Michigan requires hospital treatment after being attacked by son of patient


** A Michigan medic from Detroit is recovering after hospital treatment following an attack by a patient’s son Sunday. Click On Detroit (Shawn Ley/July 19) said the incident played out on the city’s west side after EMS was hailed to help a woman having chest pain and trouble breathing. According to the news site, as practitioners assessed the woman in her bedroom, her son barged in, aggressively demanding information on her condition. When one of the providers attempted to pacify him, the man pushed the medic and then hit him in the head. The man’s brother then intervened and removed him outside. Eventually police tased him and both the woman and the medic were transported to hospital for treatment. There is no word on the extent of the EMT’s injuries or on whether or not charges were laid against the son. The provider is now been recovering at home.


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