October 15, 2021

** Arizona police identify EMT shot at area park Sunday; in very critical condition


** Police in Tucson, Arizona have identified the EMT shot in the head at an area park Sunday. KGUN 9 (Sam Radwany/July 21) said Jacob Didinger, 20, who got his EMT certification in July 2020,  remains in very critical condition. His 21-year-old female partner, meanwhile, who was shot in the chest, is in stable condition. According to the news site, the two providers were fired on by a man who then drove to a house fire a mile away and shot both firefighters and bystanders. A fire captain sustained a wound to his arm, while a civilian suffered a fatal head shot. After fleeing the scene, the man was fired on by a pursuing police officer and critically injured. Suspect Leslie Scarlett, 35, remains in hospital in extremely critical condition (CBS5/July19). There is no word yet on charges or an upcoming court date.


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