July 26, 2021

** South Australian medics damaging ambulances with industrial action tactics: government


** EMS brass in South Australia are decrying union efforts to use ambulances as moving billboards to promote their industrial action, saying the tactic is damaging ambulances and scaring patients. That is the word from a government press release (Rob Lucas MLC/June 2) which said medics climbing on EMS units have created dents which require thousands of dollars to repair. In addition, the government said practitioners have sometimes used long lasting paint instead of chalk to emblazon prehospital rig windows with slogans. Along with the actual damage, the graffiti’s message is apparently worrying older residents who say they are feeling threatened by the scrawl. As a result, the service’s chief executive ordered all graffiti removed Monday. An agreement signed Tuesday, meanwhile, could see the end of strike action. Medics have agreed to suspend their protest if the government hires 74 full time equivalent medics and institutes roster reform.


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