August 8, 2022

** Tennessee medic accused of murdering wife and father-in-law set for arraignment Monday


** June 14th has been set as the arraignment date for a Nashville, Tennessee medic charged with killing his wife and father-in-law January 20th. That is the word from the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle (Alexis Clark/June 9) which said Matthew Konen, 31, tagged with first-degree murder x 2, remains in custody without a lawyer. According to the news site, he stands accused of shooting his wife Rachel Konen, 30, to death and then blaming it on her father David Rodgers, 62. Rodgers then died of blunt force trauma after being confronted by Matthew. During the 911 call, Konen nadmitted to pistol whipping Rodgers supposedly in order to incapacitate him and protect himself. Originally placed on desk duty after the deaths, he has since been suspended without pay. Police, meanwhile, have not released a motive for the killings.


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