October 25, 2020

** NY EMT arrested, charged after stealing and using coronavirus patient’s credit card


** A New York EMT from Staten Island was arraigned Friday on charges involving stealing and using the credit card of a coronavirus patient. That is the word from the New York Daily News (Thomas Tracy/September 25) which said Firuz Barotov, 19, who worked for Primary Care Ambulance at the time, has been fired but is now out on bail. According to the newspaper, he was arrested May 21st, one month after the theft. Police say he used the card several times over a few weeks, racking up $950 in charges at places like 7-Elevens, Shell gas stations, a restaurant, Dunkin’ Donuts, and other locales. Barotov told police he quit using the card and threw it away after feeling guilty. There is no word on his next court date.


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