August 15, 2020

** Special disaster response paramedics mobilized with other health care workers to aid Melbourne, Australia nursing homes battling COVID-19


** Specialist teams of paramedics, nurses, doctors, and logistics staff are being deployed to Melbourne nursing homes after the virus infected as many as 800 residents and caregivers. That is the word from Capital News (July 29) which said the measures are being taken at a time when the city has seen thousands of infections and a new six week lockdown implemented. According to the newspaper, the team known as AUSMAT are normally used for disaster response for things like earthquakes and typhoons. As of today, the total cases in the state of Victoria are 9,304 with 295 being diagnosed Tuesday. So far, 92 have died from the virus which is active in 4,839 people currently (Department of Health and Human Services/Victoria State Government/July 29).


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