July 5, 2020

** Louisiana paramedic, fired for My-Space posts, says insensitivity not racism behind the memes


** A Lafayette, Louisiana paramedic, fired from his job for posting memes and a black face photo of himself on My-Space, says he is not racist and is the victim of targeting by an activist group. KLFY (June 24) quoted former Acadian Ambulance medic and singer Jamie Bergeron as saying while he was wrong to post the pic, it was insensitivity not bigotry that was behind the move. Noting that he only has to answer to God, Bergeron said the memes he posted were taken in a way he had not intended. He said he belonged to a black rap group in high school and has many friends and coworkers who are black. His comments were posted in a 7 minute video on the Internet which responded to the accusations made against him.


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