August 15, 2020

** Former California paramedic sentenced to decade in prison for sexually assaulting minors


** A former California paramedic from San Diego has been sentenced to ten years in prison and ten years of probation for sexually assaulting two minors in his care in February 2017. That is the word from 7 San Diego (Christina Bravo/Dorian Hargrove/Mari Payton/Gaby Rodriguez/January 9) which said David Carpio was handed the sentence Thursday after failing to alter a plea agreement. Carpio, who worked for Balboa Ambulance Service at the time, has been charged with forcible penetration with a foreign object with one minor and sexual battery with another. Prior to the plea agreement, Carpio was tagged with felony raping and molesting two underage girls. Along with the on-the-job attacks, he  has also been accused of attacking two other victims. Both Balboa Ambulance and Care Medical Transportation are being sued over incidents involving Carpio.


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