June 2, 2020

** South African paramedic charged with culpable homicide in deaths of five people


** A Port Elizabeth paramedic has been charged with culpable homicide for an off-duty car accident January 1st that claimed the lives of five people. The North Coast Courier (Sboniso Dlamini/November 7) said Gino Perez, 39, who worked for IPSS Medical Rescue, was apparently behind the wheel of the emergency support vehicle when it plunged down a highway embankment New Year’s Day. Five other people, as well as a dog were onboard at the time. None in the vehicle were patients. Three individuals died at the scene, while two more succumbed in hospital. Perez’ first court appearance was Friday. He has not been released on bond and remains in jail. There is no word on his next court date. Following his arrest, he was fired from his EMS job.


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