June 2, 2020

** Former UK paramedic sentenced to jail time for stabbing wife, friend


** A former paramedic from Norwich has been jailed for 34 months for stabbing his ex-wife. EDP 24 (Christine Cunningham/November 29) said Peter Brine, 66, was handed the sentence this week. According to the newspaper, Brine mounted the attack after a few weeks of separation when his wife refused to reconcile. They had been married 40 years at the time. A friend was also injured in the onslaught. Although originally charged with attempted murder, the tags were reduced to wounding x 2. Brine’s explanation for the stabbing was that his wife and friend were injured while attempting to wrest the knife from him during his suicide attempt. Along with jail time, Judge Stephen Holt granted Brine’s ex-wife a restraining order against him.


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