September 22, 2019

** South African ambulance crew kidnapped at gunpoint


** An Eastern Cape ambulance crew remain traumatized after being kidnapped at gunpoint Thursday morning and taken to an empty house where a gang of around 15 men were waiting. That is the word from The Herald Live (Estelle Ellis/June 13) which said the KwaNoxolo incident played out after EMS was hailed around 10 a.m. to treat a man who had been stabbed. Upon arrival in the area, several bystanders armed with guns and knives escorted the crew to the injured man. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards after paramedics alerted dispatchers to the trouble. Along with the men taking one of the provider’s cell phones, they also attempted to get the ambulance keys.  So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident. The patient, meanwhile, who suffered cuts to his arms and head, was transported to Livingstone Hospital. There is no word on his condition.


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