June 18, 2019

** Colorado man charged after trying to kidnap woman, attacking medic trying to help her


** Colorado police in Colorado Springs have arrested a man for both kidnapping a woman and assaulting the paramedic who tried to help her. That is the word from Fox 21 News (Angela Case/February 7) which said Clarence Pate, 39, was taken into custody around 7:30 a.m. Thursday on tags of kidnapping, robbery, and assault. According to the news site, Pate flagged down the woman’s car allegedly looking for a ride. After a few minutes he became aggressive, forcing the woman to stop and flee her own vehicle. He then followed her and attempted to throw her into traffic. When an American Medical Response ambulance stopped to render aid, Pate attacked one of the providers who sustained minor injuries. There is no word on when his first court date will be held.


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