June 18, 2019

** Texas ambulance hits, injures police officer pursuing traffic violator


** A Texas police officer from San Antonio suffered serious injuries Tuesday after being struck by an Acadian Ambulance unit. That is the word from KSAT (Mary Claire Patton/November 7) which said the 7:14 p.m. mishap occurred as the prehospital rig was entering a green intersection. According to the news site, the policeman was turning left to pursue a traffic violator on a yellow when the collision occurred. Police Officer Raul Tapia was transported to University Hospital following the crash suffering from potential internal injuries. His current condition is not known. Both the police cruiser and the ambulance, however, had to be towed from the scene. There is no word on whether EMT Lydia Lopez, who was driving the ambulance, could face charges in the accident.


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