July 18, 2019

** Iowa medic charged after causing four car crash that injured seven


** An Iowa medic from Dubuque has been charged with failure to obey a traffic control device after causing an accident Wednesday that involved four vehicles and injured seven people. That is the word from The Telegraph Herald (November 8) which said Paramount Ambulance practitioner Toni D. Blint, 26, was tagged with the infraction after the 9:45 p.m. crash. According to the news site, Blint was lit up and responding to a call when she went through a red light intersection. The ambulance then hit two vehicles heading south. One of the vehicles then slid into a fourth car stopped at the light. Along with Blint and her partner Travis K. Hartbecke, 33, being hurt, patient Debbie Mootz also sustained injuries. Car driver Lowell T. Tiedt, 70, and his passenger Susan R. Merrit, 56, as well as drivers Paul G. Beversdorf, 76, and Brandon W. Boerner, 31, were also injured. Boerner required extrication. All were transported to hospital with minor injuries. Police said the total damage estimate for all vehicles is around $80,000.


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