November 21, 2018

** Court date for two Hamilton, Ontario paramedics, accused of failing to properly treat Good Samaritan, delayed


** A pair of Hamilton, Ontario paramedics, charged with failing to provide the necessities of life to a gunshot wound patient, have had their first day in court put over until October. That is the word from The Cambridge Times (September 11) which said a lawyer for Chris Marchant and Steve Snively appeared in court Monday. According to the newspaper, the duo were charged in the case of Yosif Al-Hasnawi, 19. Al-Hasnawi was shot on December 2, 2017 after attempting to intervene in a fracas involving two men harassing an older man outside a mosque. Bystanders alleged medics both delayed treatment on Al-Hasnawi and accused the wounded man of exaggerating his injuries. Despite the fact the case is not yet legally resolved, both medics have been fired. Al-Hasnawi’s family, meanwhile is suing the city, the EMS service, and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.


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