March 25, 2019

** UK ambulances hit more than 200 people over six years


** Driver training may be in order for some ambulance services in England, with recently released stats showing EMS units have hit 207 people in the last six years. That is the word from The Overtake (Jess Owen/August 7) which said a Freedom of Information request ending in May 2018 found London Ambulance Service was responsible for 83 of the incidents. Yorkshire’s service followed with 50, while the North West, South East Coast, and East Midlands services had 22, 15, and 9 accidents respectively. West Midlands Ambulance Service, which had 9 incidents, said the number is small given its over one million call volume each year. A spokesman for the South East Coast Ambulance Service echoed the sentiment, saying most of the cases were the fault of the pedestrian involved. The East of England Ambulance Service, meanwhile, with only 3 incidents, also saw the only death from an ambulance strike. According to the newspaper, the person died in hospital after being hit by the EMS unit’s side mirror on an undisclosed date.


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