May 23, 2019

** Maryland medic saves woman from suicidal plunge off bridge


** A Maryland paramedic from Prince George’s County is being credited with saving the life of a suicidal woman who was in the process of jumping off an area bridge Saturday. That is the word from ABC7 (June 9) which said Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad Lt. Scott Globerman grabbed the woman just as she attempted to leap from the structure’s railing. A bystander also assisted him. According to the news service, the woman was later transported for psychiatric evaluation. She had been on the bridge while Globerman was at the site attending a 3:30 p.m. car accident on the I-95 overpass near College Park/Beltsville. He was initially alerted to the woman’s plight by bystanders who saw her at the edge of the guardrail.


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