January 17, 2019

** New York man charged with killing EMT found fit for trial; expected back in court next month


** A New York man from The Bronx is expected back in court June 21st to face charges he ran down and killed an EMT with her own ambulance. That is the word from News 12 (May 16) which said on Tuesday the prosecution found Jose Gonzalez fit to stand trial in the 2017 death of Yadira Arroyo, 44. Gonzalez, who was on illicit drugs at the time, must still undergo a psychiatric assessment before court proceedings continue. The examination will determine whether he can stand trial while on prescribed medication for schizophrenia. Arroyo’s colleagues have panned Gonzalez’ diagnosis, saying he is just gaming the system. Gonzalez stands accused of murder, manslaughter, and robbery.


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