March 26, 2019

** Ohio EMT charged with ethnic intimidation in off-duty incident


** An Ohio EMT from German Township has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of a legal case involving an off-duty incident in which he allegedly used some racial slurs against a pair of tree trimmers. That is the word from WREF (Erik Elken/Rhonda Moore/April 10) which said Kyle Artis, 43, has been charged with ethnic intimidation x 3. According to the news site, Artis allegedly let loose with the slurs after becoming angry at the way the Mexican tree trimmers were doing their job. He then allegedly menaced them with a shotgun. Artis’ wife, however, said it was the tree trimmers who used ethnic slurs. German Twp. Fire Chief Tim Holman, meanwhile, said Artis was always respectful to everyone on the job, no matter their ethnic background. Artis’ first court date is tomorrow.


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